Thai Tradisional Massage is a known healing technique that places emphasis on the mind and body connection and, with a skilled therapist.The client is clothed and lies on a floor mattress.The therapist applies pressure using the thumbs, fingertips, hands, feet, arms and legs.Compression using the therapists'body weight is also applied to large areas of the body.Pressures combined with manipulations stretch the spine and pull on joints to leave the body feeling loose and relaxed, ultimately maintaining flexbility and relieving tension.The therapist works kneeling or sitting on the floor alangside the client, working from the feet up to the shoulders and neck, over the face and onto the scalp.
60Minutes/分钟 RM62
90Minutes/分钟 RM93
120Minutes/分钟 RM124
150Minutes/分钟 RM155



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